Taco Dinner

Last night we invited our English class over for a Mexican dinner. If you
can believe it, they have never eaten tacos before! I had flour tortillas,
salsa, ground beef, and all the fixings (thanks again to Ross and Tracy for the
cheddar cheese!) It was fun watching them assemble their tacos and sample the
cheese, also something they’d not tasted. We enjoyed getting to know them
better and learning more about their lives. Sandy is from southern China and
enjoys seafood, Wayne and Wendy are from Inner Mongolia, and Jessi is from a
neighboring province to ours. It’s amazing to me when I think about how the
cities attract people from all across China. It’s a neat opportunity for us to
learn about other parts of China while enjoying a meal around our dining room
table. Each will travel to their respective home towns the week of January 20th
for the Chinese New Year Holiday, called Chun Jie.