Master Packing List – Details, Details!




Garage & Closet

Blue Ice Cooler

Green drink cooler

Large Plastic Bins

Charger for camera batteries

String lights (110V AC)



Fuel to start fire- Chemical, Natural


Fireplace starter


Canvas or plastic covered paper Tarp with cord/rope to secure it.

Basic tools kit — hammer, pliers, screwdriver, saw, etc.

Camp Axe/hatchet

Small supply of assorted nails, screws, etc.

Safety goggles or glasses for hammering or use of axe (why ruin the vacation)

Work Gloves, heavy cotton or leather.


Tent Stakes in Container, metal or plastic type, don’t forget hammer or


Cotton Rope, Nylon Parachute Cord, or poly-rope (melt ends)


Lounge chairs

Clothespins, Clothes line.

Canvas Chairs


Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, Masking Tape



Camp Knife, Cork Screw, Swiss Army Light, ToolMan Tool

Fishing pole (duplicate rod and reel) and gear (+ license & bait!)

Folding table

Twist ties, black plastic zip ties

Sail boat, w/patch kit

Inner Tube for water fun, W/pump and patch


Life jackets, Good Ones, proper fit


Tree Saw- Check Wood Gathering Regulations

Sports Equipment- Soccer Ball, Tennis Racquet, Whiffle bat, Frisbee,
Softball/Mitts, Soccer Ball

Spare Belts for Auto (even if you can not put them on yourself, keep spares



Spare Fuses, Tail Lights, interior lights

Megan Bike trailer with helmet

Dad Bike with helmet

Rachel Bike with helmet

Jessie Bike with helmet

Mom Bike with helmet

Maddie Bike with helmet

Michael Bike with helmet

Mosquito Net


Stove with fuel

Fire Extinguisher

Dura Flame or Presto Logs

Charcoal- for cooking

Portable grill

Garbage bags

Spare Key on exterior of Vehicle

Jumper Cables


Spare Fuses


Check Air in Spare, and presence of Jack


Reflectors for Highway Safety, Reflector Vest, Flare (Caution with use)


Spare Belts or Universal Belt


Universal Hose Repair Kit

Basic Tools if you can repair your vehicle..

Car Seat


Backpack carriers

Wisk broom with Dustpan- to clean table, vehicle and tent

Backpacks – hiking

Daypacks for beach and cycling

Dirty Clothes Bag

Several wire hangers to make hooks for hanging things or fix things

2 Needles(w/threading device if req’d), Thread (heavy Nylon), few buttons

Safety pins



Whistle With Lanyard, one for each camper, Air Horn at Camp for emergency



Alkaline Batteries — AAA, AA, C, D


Find flashlights that use the same type of batteries as radio and cameras


Book light

AM/FM/SW Radio with antenna, pillow speaker or earphone/headphones

iPod & other personal players

Portable antennas for TV

XM Radio with antenna, base, power supply

Cellular Phone with DC charger

Laptop computer with power adapters

Data PC Card



Table Lamps

Kitchen & Pantry

Scrub Pad- SOS, 3M, Copper-brite


Dish Pans- One soapy, one rinse, Settling Bucket

Frying Pan – W/ Lid Non-stick w/plastic spatula is nice

Pot or sauce pan – Big enough to cook noodles for all; With lid

Can opener (two combination types)

Thermos- Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Soup

Tongs for Cooking & Charcoal placement

Coffee maker (percolator, or other device) filter if required

Pot lifter and/or pot holders

Tablecloth & Clips

Small mixing bowls

Knife, Fork, Spoon, Spatula, Ladle, Hotcake Turner, Tongs,

Vegetable Scraper, Grater, BBQ tools, Platter, Campfire Toaster


Paper Plates


Plastic Tumblers, Paper and Foam Cups


Plastic Forks, Knives, Spoons


Paper Towels

409, Simple Green, Orange Cleaner,etc.

Paper Napkins

Few Clean Rags


Plastic ziploc bags

Spray-on anti-stick substance like “PAM” for cooking

Salt, Pepper, Lemon Pepper (Also packets from fast food)

Sugar, Sweet & Low, Brown Sugar, Honey, Maple Surup

Flour (in plastic container)

Corn Meal

Bread Crumbs, or Crackers to crush

Baking Soda, Baking Powder

Favorite Seasonings- Oregano, Pre-Mixed Cinamin-Sugar, etc.

Coffee, Tea Bags, Instant Tea, Hot Chocolate(packets)

Ice Tea, Lemonade, Gatorade, favoite bottled drinks

Shortening, Corn Oil, Crisco

Salad Dressings

Catsup, Mustard, Pickle Relish, Olives,


Olive Oil

Jam, Jelley, Marmalaide, Preserves,

Peanut Butter


Cheese, Cheddar, Cheese-Food, Swiss, Parmasan, Roamano

Eggs in protective container, dated


Breads, Buns, Rolls

Junk Food, Snacks…Potato Chips, Stacey’s, prezels

Fresh Fruits- Apples, Oranges, Grapes

Fresh Vegetables- Lettuce, Cucumber, tomato, cellery, carrots, etc.

Pancake Mix

Meat- Chicken, Bacon, Turkey, Lean Ground Round, Ham, Deli Items,etc.

Hot Dogs, Sausage, Hash browns, Salami,

Jello, Pudding, etc. MIX for deserts

Soft Drinks, Juice, Concentrate, Lemonaide (pink/yellow)

Butter, Margarine

Trail-Mix, Raisins, Dried Fruit

Malt-o-meal, or Cream of Wheat

Oatmeal – Instant single serving packs

Standard Rice with cooking pot & container

Spaghetti Sauce or Makings

Pasta- Spagetti, Macaroni

Macaroini & Cheese

Bouillon cubes – Chicken & Vegetable

Mayo, Sandwich Spread

Pre-Packaged Fruit – Small fruit cups or fresh fruit

Marshmallows- Mini- Type (big bag)

Power Bars/Granola Bars

Beef Jerky


Popcorn oil


Baby foods

Bed & Bath

Pillows with pillow cases

Travel Clock




Windbreaker – with or without hood

Jacket – Light, Medium, Heavy

Rain Pants/Overalls


Plastic Folding Poncho

Hiking shoes

Diapers- Disposable


Favorite toys

Lots of Clothes

Hats, Glasses, Sun Shade

Favorite blanket

Sunscreen- SPF 30 plus

Bug Repellent – Spray, Citronella Candle, DEET ingredient, etc.

Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Naproxin, etc.

Tums, Rolaids, DiGell, etc.

Antibiotic creams

Band-Aids, Tape, Gause

Latex Rubber Gloves (good for First Aid)

Antiseptic Soap

Ace Bandage with clamps/Safety Pins

Reading glasses


Tweezers for splinters, Ticks, etc

Nail clippers

Antiseptic, band-aids and bandages

Secondary First Aid Kit -Pocket/Backpack or Vehicle Travel


Cosmetic Travel Case or other box to put the above items in..

Soft Soap

Lava Soap


Finger Brush


Washcloth- method to hang it as it dries


Toothpaste, 2 toothbrushes(with travel container)

Comb/hair brush/clips/bands

Cosmetic Travel Case or travel bag

Razor & shaving cream

Towels- Bath, Beach, Medium, Hand, etc.

Mirror- small for signaling, medium/large with frame

Toilet Paper- Store in Large Baggies

Deodorant- Personal


Lysol for Hygienic use if portable toilet used.


Box with laundry soap, couple garbage bags, etc. for use at laundromat with
roll of quarters.

Hand sanitizer

Sun Glasses, Reading Glasses, Contacts

Skin Lotion

Living Room & Study

EMT/ Advanced First Aid Book


Letter stamps, post-card stamps, and cards

Address book

40-days of Purpose Books

Reading books



Playing cards

World Magazines

Before we Leave

Tow Insurance in Effect

Cash for Gas in Car

Have vehicle serviced

Walk around the house.. Can we do anything to make it more secure?

Remove valueables – jewelry, electronics

Put some interior lights, and radio on timer

Big Ticket Items

Need some kind of RV…

We have many memories around our pop-up camper [that’s still in Virginia],
however we’re quickly outgrowing it. The kids are so much bigger now; it seems
like their stuff expands to fill all available space. Yep, we are ready to move
up to a motorhome!

Initially we investigated renting (vs-buying). Rentals cost about $190/day
plus 45-cents a mile. For a three-day-weekend, this is not unreasonable, but
now I’m thinking that our “trip” may become a longer “journey.” Therefore,
renting at these high rates can get out of hand in no time.

Susan came up with the idea of buying an RV, then selling it after
the trip. Do the math, we believe this to be the best option — and it affords
us the flexibility we need.

Hunting for the right RV. eBay and other on-line research helped with
valuation/pricing, but the classifieds were our best source. We looked at three
Class-C RVs from the paper (not counting a rental unit that we had originally
seen). In the end we bought a 30-foot 1995 “Fourwinds” from Betty Bennett of
Kansas City who decided she was too old for camping (at 73). She was anxious to
have the vehicle sold before leaving for a long vacation cruise to Alaska.

This rig has only 42K miles on the odometer and the interior was clean and
had less wear than expected. Ray (Susan’s Dad) visited on Memorial Day weekend
and helped me test all the components. We found the generator, water heater,
and furnace in need of service. [Betty did a good job selling. I did a poor
job of inspecting!]

Here is a picture of Ray supervising the cleaning and maintenance (I’m on the

Susan did help too, she has some legs!

Michael & Rachel are the best! They work hard and maintain a good
attitude. This day they had much fun

GPS (Global Positioning System)

There were several people recommending I get a GPS (not the least of which
was Papa Larry). So after some research I chose the
Nuvi 360
. This was highly rated in

Small Sailboat

We are going to be at Lake Tahoe for a week so I wanted to provide the kids
with a challenge. This sailboat
is portable, yet big enought to carry all four:

(Of course I’m so excited to try this sailboat out myself!)