Coeur d’ Alene, ID

After laundry in the morning and packing up camp we had lunch in Coeur d’
Alene, and biked around by the lake. Then we began what we thought would be two
short days of driving to reach Yellowstone. However we had a couple of little
setbacks which you can read about in future days. As we drove through Montana,
which is absolutely beautiful, we followed several mountain streams. We
stopped to throw rocks before the sunset and here’s a picture of me and Megan.

Oregon Coastal Aquarium ~ Two Virginia favorites in Portland, Oregon

We awoke to our first day of rain. Oh, well, one day in 40 is not too bad.
We planned to visit the Coastal Aquarium here in Newport. After spending the
morning in the aquarium, we got on the road again, beginning to make our way
back east. We traveled northeast to Portland. Here we visited two of our
favorites from Virginia; Baja Fresh and another trip to Trader Joes! After
dinner in the downtown Baja Fresh location we headed east along the Columbia
River. I was really disappointed that now the sun had set and we missed seeing
the river in daylight. Oh well, I guess that gives us a reason to go back some

Yeah, another visit to Trader Joe’s. Here we stocked up on favorites like
coffee, chocolate covered raisins, pirate booties, cheese, and more…

Dinner at Baja Fresh, yummy.

Charleston, OR

Oregon Coast ~ Beautiful sights

We asked for a late check out at our campsite at Oceanside RV Park in
Charleston, OR. I was still working on getting picture posted to the website
and we had hi-speed internet here. So the kids played in the sand on the beach
in the morning, then had lunch and took showers and started packing up. It was
a lovely sunny day here in Charleston, but our trip north would bring overcast
skies. Despite the clouds, we enjoyed the beautiful Oregon coastline; the
ocean, the rocky shores, the tall evergreen trees…all stunning.

The entrance gate to Oceanside RV Park

Beautiful coastline

We stopped to take in the views. Megan ponders, “Should I stick my head
through these rails for a closer look?”

“Wow! Look at those ocean breakers”

“Oops, I’m not sure I can get my head out of this.”

Charleston, OR

Shore Acres ~ Viewing Sea Lions

In the morning Sean trained me on posting our pictures to the website, since
we had hi-speed internet at this RV Park, we were trying to finally get some
pictures online. After my training I spent time with each kid individually
picking out picture they wanted on their blog space. We worked on this until
after lunch then drove a few miles south along the coast to Simpson’s Reef, a
place recommended to us for viewing sea lions and seals. When we arrived and
opened the camper door you could immediately hear the barking of the seals. We
didn’t take any pictures here because they were too far to see without
binoculars. Aunt Betty graciously lent us a pair before we left Bandon. Then
we headed another mile south to Shore Acres where we toured a Botanical Garden.

Megan is glad to have some walking room, “its too bumpy in the RV for me to
walk around”

The rose garden was gorgeous

That evening we had our Bible study on the beach.

Megan plays in the sand while we read and study.

The weather is perfect here, we enjoy dinner outdoors.

Bandon, OR

Chowder and Fish n Chips with Aunt Betty in Bandon ~ Sunset Beach

After a second night in Aunt Betty’s lovely, warm and cozy home, we finally
got packed up and ready to get on the road again. Our route took us through the
town where Betty works, and we arrived just in time to meet her for lunch. We
had fresh clam chowder and fish and chips, sitting just across the street from
the ocean. Soon we said our goodbyes and headed north. Our destination this
time, Sunset Bay, Oregon.

Sailing at Nelson boat launch

Kids help launch the boat

Sean wants to sail, but there’s little wind

We resort to floating instead of sailing

Notice from the tree line in the background how far down the lake was…over
50 feet low, but the water was refreshing