Last Stop ~ Guernsey Reservoir, WY

One final Polar Bear swim in Guernsey Reservoir. The kids all agree that
this lake was much warmer than Lake Tahoe!!

Drying off in the sun

Meggie’s favorite spot…playing in the rocks.

The last leg of our journey, all the way across Nebraska. Can we do it in a

Farmland of Nebraska…

Old Faithful

We arose at 5 am in order make it to Old Faithful just after sunrise. It
took about an hour from our camp site at Bridge Bay to Old Faithful. Upon
arriving in the large parking lots we found them empty. And the benches for
viewing the geyser also empty, except for a few other early morning viewers. We
had our bible study together while waiting for the eruption. Soon after our
study Old Faithful blew. I told the kids that was the only fireworks we’d see
today, since there were no fireworks allowed in the National Parks.

Sean and me in front of Old Faithful

Awaiting Old Faithful’s eruption…

There he blows…

Look at the mobs of people coming to view the geyser later that day when we
returned to the ranger station for the girls to obtain their Jr. Ranger Badges

After watching Old Faithful, we drove over to the Firehole River, about 2
miles away to await the girls scheduled hike with a Park Ranger. We had plenty
of time, so I cooked a big breakfast…sausage, scrambled eggs and biscuits.
Later we commented that biscuits in the morning were just right since our hike
went through Biscuit Basin up to Mystic Falls. We strolled over boardwalks
viewing smaller geysers and hot pools on our way to the falls. The ranger who
lead our group has been working at Yellowstone for over 40 years. He was a
delightful man, full of lots of insightful information.

Mystic Falls in the background

On the trail…a moderately strenuous hike

At the top of the trail we could see many geysers going off in the distance,
even Old Faithful and the Visitor’s Lodges, although it’s hard to see from this