Psalm 16 Eleven Declarations for My Life in China

Declaration #1

In trouble I run to God.

He is my first and only place of refuge.

Declaration #2

The Lord is everything to me.

Nothing else compares.

Nothing else usurps His place.

Declaration #3

I delight in other believers.

Extraordinary believers are my heroes.

Declaration #4

I have no other gods.

I will continually strive to remove the hight places.

Declaration #5

God is my portion, my inheritance.

I don’t care what anyone else gets as I have Him.

Declaration #6

I am pleased and delihted with where God has placed me.

Declaration #7

I embrace God’s discipline and instruction in my life.

Sleepless nights will be my night school.

Declaration #8

Absolutely nothing shalkes me

because the Lord is my constant companion.

Declaration #9

I live joyfully and at peace

because I have an intimate relationship with the Lord.

Declaration #10

I live without fear of calamity or death

because I live in the very presence of God.

This extends to my family.

Declaration #11

My fullest joy

my deepest pleasure

come from my relationship with Jesus Christ.