Shanghai Airlines Snack

Our friend Jim Dodd will be flying in today from Shanghai. I can’t wait to
hear what he says about the snack. Because I was just in Shanghai at a
conference (more on that later) and here is what they serve onboard:

  • 1 small round bun (like a dinner roll at Luby’s Cafeteria — Texan’s would
    know about this), very soft, white, and sort of sweet
  • 1 pkg of dried green olives that have been sweetened and sprinkled with
    cinnamon (yes, this tastes like it sounds)
  • 1 pkg of some sort of crunchy baked round balls with a hint of peanut butter
    (pictured below)
  • 1 pkg of gummy mint drops with eucalyptus (this would be good if you start
    coughing uncontrollably on the plane) — also pictured below in silver pkg
  • 1 wet wipe

Now I’m not complaining because 1) on a US airline we don’t get anything and 2)
they ran the drink service three times on this short two hour flight. By the
way, it was a MD-80 aircraft.

I’ll let you know what Jim said!