Finding the Electric Bike

Here is a picture of our pre-owned electric bike in front of the repair
shop. We bought this sight-unseen from a family that returned to the US before
we arrive in China. The previous owner parked it in a large bike garage under
our building (so it wouldn’t be stolen) and Susan went with our friend Tami to
find it yesterday. Unfortunately the battery was dead and the garage keeper
told Tami that we needed a new one. He offered to lead me to the repair shop
that you see in the picture.

By the way, the garage keeper and his wife live in the cramped office in the
bike garage underground. The room is about 10’x10′ and I noticed his wife
cooking vegetables over an electric hot plate with bikes parked all around.

The garage keeper and the repair man told me many things 98% of which I could
not understand, but I could understand that the batteries cost 450 RMB ($70) and
I should let them charge for at least 8hours. The repair man was very kind, and
tried out his english on me while I waited. He knew his numbers and how to ask
where I was from. (He was doing better than I was!)