No More Ponytails

On Sunday afternoon Megan fell asleep in her stroller on our way home from
lunch. When we arrived at home, I took off her shoes and put her to bed.
Usually she rolls right over and goes back to sleep. A little while later, she
got up and wandered into our room. Daddy put her back to bed and we thought she
went on to sleep. Actually, she had found a pair of scissors left lying on the
counter by one of her sisters and brought them to her bed. Later on I heard
her talking in her bed, but thought she would soon drift off back to sleep. I
ran out with one of Jessie’s friends and her mom, to a local market. Soon after
I received a call from home saying that Megan had been lying in her bed, not
sleeping, but cutting her own hair. Many moms throughout the years have
stories of kids doing the same thing. I know it will grow back, but it still
makes me sad when I look at her now, and see her somewhat “shaved” bangs.
Here’s a couple of pictures from Friday aftenoon at the school playground.

Now here she is with her new hairdo…