Encouragement through Parent/Teacher Conference

On Friday, October 31, I went to the school for the parent/teacher
conferences. In 6th through 9th grades the school has student-led conferences,
where the students create a binder with a selection of work from each class.
She then fills out a form which discusses her strengths and weaknesses in that
particular selection, and also talks about her progress in the class. I heard
from Rachel and Jessica and was very pleased with their progress. I also heard
wonderful things from Michael and Maddie’s teachers. But the thing I wanted to
share that encouraged me the most came from Rachel’s English teacher. At one
point in our discussion, she shared with Rachel and me, how thankful she was to
have Rachel in the 9th grade class. Miss Richards told how all the staff had
been praying, since last year, for more Christian students in that particular
class. She shared how Rachel was an answer to their prayers. She exhorted
Rachel to be courageous in sharing her faith with her fellow students. I was so
blessed and inspired to know that all last year, during our decision-making
season and preparing to move, there were people here praying for the arrival of
my students.