Three Months

Today is our three month anniversary in China!

  • Q: How is it?
  • A: I don’t know yet!

It all seems like a blur. One thing has been different: as a family we are
spending a lot of time together adjusting and talking. Helping each other think
about the new classes, new teachers, new apartment, new friends, different
food… I’m so thankful that the entire family seems to be taking root in

The kids actually like it a lot. They each have more than one close
friendship. And they enjoy new freedoms that they did not have back home (e.g.
shopping in markets & going out to eat on their own).

Susan misses having the older ones at home, but finding her schedule filling
up without them. She joined a weekly playgroup for Megan and goes to the market
more than once a week with friends.

As for myself; I’m only beginning to relax as I see the family is just now
getting into a pattern. I do think I will really enjoy my job at the school as
much or more than anything else I’ve done. But this is only a prediction…

This three month marker feels like a turning point — maybe we are finally
settling down?