Corn Crib

It was a pleasant weekend: we visited a remote village in our province —
rest, hiking, clean air, and sunshine.

On the two-hour van ride there, we drove past several makeshift corn cribs
(like the one pictured below). From this, I conclude that despite the fanfare
around the Beijing Olympics, China is still

By comparison, I go back 30 years ago when I played around my grandfather’s
corn cribs in South Dakota farm country. Each crib held at least 150 times more
grain (that’s 15000% more) than these roof-top piles of corn cobs in China.

In the same way China seems to be under-developed with respect to:
infrastructure, food quality, finance, education, social welfare, and yes, even
spiritual welfare.

But I get excited when I think about China’s God-given potential.

Think about how 200 years of US development has impacted the world in so many
great and positive ways (especially with respect to spreading the Gospel and
helping disadvantaged peoples all over the globe.)

What will happen when the peoples of China are reconciled to their Creator
and follow in His steps?