Bike Wreck

I wrecked my bike on Monday going to school. A van was turning out of a
tight alley at the same time I was turning into it! (I should have been more
careful – I was going too fast.) I have no memory of the impact. All I
remember afterwards is standing there wanting the driver to pull forward so that
I could get the bike wheel out from under the van. I got a bruise on my left
leg, a couple of scratches, and almost unnoticeable damage to my coat. However,
the front of the bike got twisted pretty good. (And it was new new from the
Giant store just a month ago!)

The driver – a middle aged Chinese man – jumped out. Of course I didn’t
understand anything he was saying. Another American stopped and was able to
translate. The driver was worried that I was hurt. He also wanted to fix my
bike. I replied in Chinese: ‘may wenti, may wenti’ (no problem – no problem).

I’m thankful for divine protection, I actually walked away from the accident
unharmed. And I’m thankful for a lesson learned — BE SAFER.