Chinese Traffic Outside our Window

As most of you know, we live on the 8th floor of our apartment building.
Last Tuesday night during dinner we kept hearing horns honking and honking. I
finally looked out the window to see what was the matter. I’m not sure, but I
think some may use the street in front of our building as a cut through when the
roads are jammed. So anyway, this road is a single street with two lanes. But
Chinese drivers don’t often pay attention to traffic lanes. Here’s a picture of
what drivers do when they are impatient in traffic. They just go into the
oncoming lane to make their way to the front of the traffic. But this causes
gridlock when new cars in the oncoming lane meet bumper to bumper with the
vehicles in the wrong lane. See below the white jeep with stuff on top is going
the correct way, but just to the right you see two vehicles facing the opposite
direction. They are trying to form two lanes out of one. The traffic was
backed up in both directions for at least 1/2 a mile.