Student Baking Party

Our company, LDi, has an outreach to students from a local university. Over
200 students gather on Sunday evenings to improve their English speaking
skills. During the holidays we invite smaller groups into our homes for baking
parties. We hosted one of these. Most of the students were freshmen and far
away from home, living in a dorm. I think they really enjoyed coming into our
home and learning how to make cookies. Many said they had never made cookies
before. I showed them how to color frosting with food coloring, roll and cut
cookies out with cookie cutters, and of course their favorite part was
decorating with icing and sprinkles. My kids showed up right after school and
joined in the fun. Megan got lots of attention, but the students also enjoyed
taking pictures with Michael, Rachel, Jessie and Maddie. One of the girls had
attended the high school play last month and knew who Michael was, she was very
excited to meet him.

Pictures above and below, with our kids. I still can’t figure out why they
want to hold up two fingers in pictures. I asked one girl, she said it meant
victory. But all the Asians do this, especially the kids at TIS. Now my kids
are starting to do it in all their pictures (notice Rachel)!

In the kitchen after we rolled and cut with cookie

As they were leaving another one of the girls noticed our little nativity we
received from the Baileys. She studied it a bit, then asked, “Are you
religious?” then went on to say, “I’m religious.” The question took me by
surprise because in America people are not comfortable discussing religion. But
I am thankful that God put us in a culture where people are open and ready to
discuss issues of the heart. Please pray that we will be ready at all
times to give an account of our faith, and that we do this in love. Pray for
the students in this picture, that they all come to know The Lord.