Return favor — Chinese Dinner

On Sunday evening our Chinese students returned the favor and invited us to
dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant. In their culture, I believe that they
always feel inclined to return any type of hospitality. Since we had invited
them over for tacos, they wanted to take us out. In most Chinese restaurants
there are private dining rooms that can be requested. The guests of honor must
sit at the place at the table facing the doorway, so they can greet people
coming in. Sean and I were instructed to sit in these seats. The kids
interspersed among the students. First we had some cold dishes, salads, and
meats. One of these dishes included chicken feet!! (we have seen this dish
before) Then the hot dishes came. Most were pretty good, but a couple we had
to just politely taste. The one that sounds the most disgusting is the blood
dish. It was congealed pork blood served with spring onions and spices. Other
dishes were much tastier…chicken and beef with vegetables, shrimp and tofu, a
whole steamed fish, and roasted chicken. The chrysanthemum tea was delicious.
There was also a sweet soup served at the end of the meal.

Megan eats chicken feet!!

Jessie and Maddie sit with Wayne

A group shot in the restaurant