Prayer Requests

01/17/08 English Class Standardized Test – Our students will
be taking a standardized English exam (written, oral, and speaking) on January
17th. They must reach a certain competency level in English in order to study
abroad. Their ambitions are to go to the UK for a Master’s degree this coming
summer, and this standardized test is their last requirement. Please pray for
them in this coming week and especially on the 17th, that their studies would be
focused, that our efforts with them will help allow for a passing grade, and
most importantly, the “seeds” planted will take root for eternity.

01/04/09 Home Group — Should we start a fellowship group in
our home? After being here a while, we are seeing that other “like-minded”
expatriates need fellowship, rest, and spiritual encouragement because their
daily work in schools, orphanages, and other places among the locals can be

12/21/08 Local College Students — ANSWER– We have begun
the English class in our home. We currently have four students coming twice a
week for one-hour sessions, practicing their English. Their names are Wayne,
Sandy, Jessie, and Wendy (all English names given to them by their professors).
Because of the nature of the class, we are able to share about ourselves and
American culture — pray that our conversation is seasoned with truth and grace
that these students would begin to seek the Lord.