A Retreat to Thailand

I was so blessed to have been able to attend a Women of the Harvest retreat in Phuket, Thailand in February. One of my new friends here in Tianjin, Tami, invited me to register for this conference last fall. We were disappointed to find out that the retreat was already full. Then about two weeks ago, we were notified that there were two cancellations. Sean encouraged me to go and offered to help care for the kids. Tami and I had a very relaxing time of refreshment.


The hosts came from the states…all volunteers. Most of the ladies are also involved in BSF or CBS, such dear women wanting to serve and bless others. The weekend included praise and worship, teaching, pampering (like pedicures and haircuts), times for relaxing and many surprises (goodie bags of things we can’t often get overseas, like chocolate chips!). I mostly enjoyed the warm, tropical weather, eating meals on the open patio and relaxing by the pool.