Ramen Raving Rabbids

This Christmas my parents and grandparents bought us a Wii! Our dad also bought us a lot of games one of them was Ramen Raving Rabbids. This game is about very dumb rabbits that try to take over the world or do other wierd things. Some of these things are baking chickens by eating hot peppers, plunging a rabbid from a toilet, or having a rock band! Me, my friends, and siblings very much enjoyed this game it was fun and hilarious! Now when our friends come to play Wii Ramen Raving Rabbids is their favorite.


3 thoughts on “Ramen Raving Rabbids

  1. I’ve heard Wii is fun. Is it true you can throw the controller (on accident) if you don’t secure it to your hand/wrist/arm?

  2. yes you can accidentally throw the wii on the ground or any place else but it does have a wrist band you can put on

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