A few weeks ago the high school at Tianjin International School held a service day. Each grade went to a different place to serve, and the ninth grade went to an orphanage about two hours away. At the orphanage there were 5 houses where the children lived, I went to the house where some of the babies stayed. My friend Brianna and I were the only ones who went upstairs to play with the little babies. My favorite was a little boy who had a cleft pallet, I played with him the whole time and then he fell asleep in my arms! After all of the babies fell asleep Bria and I went down stairs to join the rest of our group to play with some of the other kids. Every single child at the orphanage had some kind of disability for example many of them couldn’t walk and others couldn’t see or hear. It was really sad to see that these children would never live a normal life, but I know that God will take care of them and always keep them cradled in his arms. I had so much fun playing with those kids and I’ll always have a place for them in my heart.



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  1. You are really growing up and maturing. God has given you a special gift here.

  2. Really enjoyed the pics. Especially like the one where you,Jessie and Maddie are jumping and the pic was taken from behind. That was so different. Did you get the cd. Doesn’t look especially great but what’s on the inside is! How’d your day go? I know it’ll be a new adventure, making new friends. Probably be a good idea to pray for your friends in the states, that they would stay ever so close to Him. Love you dear Rachel, MeMaw

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