A Rainy Saturday in Tianjin

One of the art teachers at school hosted a Ukrainian Easter Egg making day in the school’s art room on Saturday morning.  It was dreary and cold outside, but in the school the warmth of the candles, with special friends brightened our day.The eggs go through a reverse dying process.  Here’s Maddie and her 5th grade teacher, Ms. Hendricks


One uses the special tool which places hot wax on the raw egg (not boiled) then the egg is dipped in a dye. Here’s Jessie with one of the Chinese Teacher Assistants from our school


Rachel works skillfully


Next, use wax again to make more designs and dip again.  So you get layers of colors and the wax protects the colors from blending together.


In the end the egg is held up to the candle to melt off the wax and whoala…you have your finished product.


Ukrainian Easter Eggs, made in China by the skilled hands of Headrick kids


My 42nd Birthday

Since our arrival in China I have been hearing about these awesome, inexpensive foot massages ($7.00 for a one hour massage)! So I decided for my birthday to invite the kids to go with me for my very first foot massage. The largest room they had could only accommodate five people, so Susan watched and Megan charmed the Chinese workers.


Megan munching on a pineapple snack provided with the massage.


After the massage we walked upstairs in the same shopping area to eat at our favorite Indian food restaurant.


No birthday is complete without cake and candles. Susan and Megan made dad’s recipe for my favorite maple butter cake.


Hello! (Ni Hao!)

Hey!  I’m 12 (well almost 13).  I recently moved to China, and I’m slowly  learning Chines.  3 Things to know about me:  I LOVE Tea and Coffee!  I LOVE to read! I’m not a nerd (HeHeHe)!!!


Corn Soup

Today is a momentous day!!!  Well, not really.  Today, while I was at school mom left Tianjin to go to a ladies retreat that will last until Sunday.  So since she left… PARTY!!!!  No, just kidding!!!  So around 5:00pm I found a note that my mom left, it had instructions on it to make Cream of Corn soup (YUM)!   So I started by tying my apron on, then in a matter of an hour or so I had a whole pot of bubbling soup. I felt very much like a mom. I was very proud of myself! This was the first time I had made a main dish for a sit-down-dinner ALL BY MYSELF!!!!   Thankfully I didn’t mix ingredients up like I have in previous attempts of making food,  this time everyone agreed that it actually tasted… normal!

It’s our Destiny

Tonight Rachel made me watch Slumdog Millionaire. The kids bought it on the street this week and watched it last night… they said it was the kind of movie I’d like. They were right. The setting in Mumbai was so fascinating. And I’m always hooked when someone is redeemed, or rescued.


I also think it is appealing when we can have hope. Hope that I am not trapped in this slum, never to break out. Hope that there is more to this life. Hope that there is someone greater than me who has a plan for me. Hope that I am destined for something.The concept of destiny is brought out in the movie. This makes sense to me as I think real hope relies on destiny, because it is hard to have hope for a new future if you don’t believe in some kind of god or hidden power that controls the future. At the end of the movie, Jamal whispers, “It’s our Destiny.” I think we all have one.

A Chinese Funeral and Traffic Jam

One morning soon after the kids left to catch the school bus, I began hearing firecrackers. They went on for quite some time. I have gotten used to this phenomenon since I’ve learned that in a Chinese funeral procession, there are multitudes of fireworks set off. The particular time this funeral procession occurred happened to be right at peak morning traffic. I looked out the window to see multitudes of people, smoke and sparks from fireworks, following the casket onto the hearse (a flat bed pick-up truck). The crowds of people, dressed in funeral garb, loaded onto about five large charter buses (what looks similar to a Greyhound bus to us) which proceeded to drive past our apartment windows. Being eight floors up, I was able to see the big picture. A huge traffic jam occurred, as is normal when traffic is stopped. Drivers will enter the oncoming lane to get ahead of other cars, which causes gridlock. These two cars outlined in blue are inching their way out of the entrance to our apartments. The large buses are carrying mourners of the funeral procession.


Below, guys are directing traffic, trying to clear the way.


The Jeep Cherokee, in red, is leading the hearse, but look at the cars in blue. They have changed lanes, into the oncoming lane, to try to get ahead…Gridlock


Here the hearse finally passes by our window


My Language Teacher


This is my Chinese Language teacher, Lydia.
A benefit of my job is two hours with a language tutor each week.
Lydia is from the north-central part of China, called Inner Mongolia.
(Seems like she’s always this cheery.)

First steps with a MacBook


A big part of my job is helping teachers with technology.  And today was a major milestone because all the teachers received a new white MacBook.  Exciting?  Yes.  Scary?  A little.  This is a brand new experience for most of us.  Hey, I’ve been a PC guy for 20 years. Now I’m unlearning and relearning.What?  No right click?!    How am I going to copy/paste?!I’m a newbie; so how am I supposed to help these teachers? …I have a feeling I’m really going to like it.  [Michael is already lovin’ it.]