Daddy Comes Home

Sean traveled to the U.S.  in June for curriculum training in the AP Computer Science class that he will teach this coming fall.  We were sad to have our daddy gone for two weeks, and happy to meet him in Beijing when he returned.  We took advantage of a low cost ride to Beijing on one of our school vans going there to drop off departing staff.  We stayed at a nearby airport hotel that has an outdoor pool!  (One of the few in Beijing with one).  I’m not exactly sure why, but cities in China do not have many (if any) outdoor pools, maybe the cities are just too dirty??)    We all enjoyed catching up with Sean and relaxing by the pool.


Airplanes flying over the pool, notice at the bottom, I caught the top of a pagoda in the picture.


Monopoly fun in our room.


Daddy and Megan at breakfast the next morning.

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