4th of July Picnic

On the 4th of July, starting around 6pm, we had a “picnic” (Really it was just every one bring something to share for dinner and you get your food and sit down in on folding chairs [preferably inside because it was so hot!])!  Amelia, a girl that just moved here, and her sister, she’s Maddie’s age, came with us to our school (that’s where the “picnic” was). After we ate a delicious dinner of various picnic-ish food Maddie, Josie (Amelia’s sister), and another of Maddie’s friends decided to wage a water gun war! Now you need to know something: I like playing some rowdy games, but when it comes to water fights…. just NO! I hate getting wet when I’m not in the proper mood; I am rarely in the proper mood for water gun fights! So when the the girls shot me I confiscated their weapons, took hostage their ally, and… made them promise not to get me wet again!!! It was a fun night all the same. Amelia and I got on the swings, raided the dessert table three times, and slapped carnivorous mosquitoes! When it got dark some of our friends set off fire works. It was a better 4th of July than I could have wished for!


Amelia and I


Me holding a sparkler!