Bike People (part 2)

Jessie wrote a blog called Bike People. I guess I’ll piggy back on her topic. We are trying our hand at biking now. It’s pretty crazy and dangerous riding bikes here in Tianjin, but so far so good. The traffic here is pretty heavy and it takes some getting used to driving among the cars. The way people move on the streets is very different than in America. It is more like constant motion. When a driver approaches an intersection they just glide right in to the mob of bikes, taxis, trucks, three wheel vehicles, etc. No one really stops at the intersection, so if I decide to stop to see if it’s safe to move out into the street, I often get interesting looks. But this sort of driving is the kind Sean really likes…just go with the flow. That is why he is driving the electric bike, while I will stick with the good old standard bicycle.


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  1. I’m hanging out with the Martch’s this week. They have your magnet on their refrigerator. Fun to see their family grow up. Heather

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