Nap Anyone?

When I was younger I always remember eating lunch then having to go to a nap.  I even tried to hide to get out from having my nap.   Well as you all know I am far from the age of taking a nap (even though sometimes I wish I had the time to!).  Here napping is a totally different story!  You are never to old to take a nap!!  Here in China at around 1-2pm everyone has a nap!  If you go to one of the out side markets you’ll see the people manning their booths just sleeping on their chairs.  You might also see a construction worker taking his nap on a bench!  It is pure culture to take a nap in the afternoon!  At school my Chinese class is at 1:30pm.   So when my Chinese teacher comes in he is usually yawning of stretching and he tells us, that he is missing his nap!


As you can see workers get some time off of work to take there nap!



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