School begins — again

Although the calendar says differently, the summer has almost ended for us. The kids begin school this Thursday, August 13th. The new change for us this year is that little Megan will be going to school too! She will attend our school’s “Foundations” class for 3 year olds. She’ll be in the preschool building called the “Early Childhood Learning Center” or ECC. We went last week for her to have a pre-test for readiness. She loved the bright classroom filled with toys, puzzles, games, books, etc. She was thrilled especially since she is limited to a small amount of toys at home, because I had gotten rid of most of my toddler things before she was even born. Her favorite thing to play at home is Plastic Animals, Maddie’s collection of adult and baby hard resin jungle and farm animals.  Today we went to the school to pick up her new backpack.  Here she is…all smiles!


Megan in her new classroom book nook!


She was excited to play in the classroom kitchen and didn’t want to leave.


Sisters go along for the fun occasion.