Baozi and Jiaozi – My Favorite Chinese Food

China has many Traditional, gross, and delicious foods in their Country. I’m gonna tell you about the traditional foods. There are two main dishes Chinese people eat a lot Bao Zi and Jiao Zi. Bao Zi is like  a bun with Meat, Vegetables, and sometimes Shrimp.Jiao Zi is like dumplings or what we call potstickers. It has a noddle outside and the same fillings you put in Bao Zi. There is a also another snack that we like, steamed  Soy Beans. They are soy beans boiled with seasonings. They are also delicious. Chinese people always eat Jiao Zi during their Chinese new year celebrations. We eat these foods at least once a week.


Jiao Zi


Bao Zi


Soy Beans

3 thoughts on “Baozi and Jiaozi – My Favorite Chinese Food

  1. Great job on the photos, Maddie. Yummy, looks so good! Thanks for putting up a posting today. I love you!!

  2. Very interesting Maddie, thanks for the food review. Reminds me of Italian food with stuffed pastas. Do you eat the green part of the soy bean? How was your first day of school? You have a friend in your class? You looked so nice all dressed up for school. I keep a look on facebook and apt801 to know what’s going on with you. Love and Kisses, MeMaw

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