Good-Bye Summer, Hello Mr. School Year

Today is my last day of SUMMER! It seems as if Mr. School Year never permits Summer to stay long, but on the other hand he lets Summer stay just long enough to be enjoyable! I had a wonderful summer! I got to relax and play a lot, but I can’t help but feeling like it was just last week that I got out of school. Since I have been Home Schooled all my life until now, it seems like I have never fully appreciated Summer because I didn’t have a strict schedule. Now that I have tasted the Sweet and Sour flavor of 9 and 1/2 months of waking at 6:30, home work, Science Fair, and schedules I believe I can now FULLY appreciate Summer! And I have appreciated her; long afternoons of laying on the couch with a book and not a care in the world or waking up at 8:30am and snuggling back down for another half hour! Now that Mr. School Year is looming right behind the corner I am kissing Summer good bye and grasping in vain at whats left of her! I am excited to see my friends again and to actually be busy in the day. I’m also happy to see all my beloved teachers again and to be able to participate in school activities! Though Mr. School Year demands the leave of my dear friend, Summer, I will look forward to seeing her next year in June!

3 thoughts on “Good-Bye Summer, Hello Mr. School Year

  1. Jessie, I am again in awe at your unique and skillful gift of writing. That paragraph is incredible!! You really made Mr. School Year and Summer come to life, like real characters!! You never cease to amaze me!! I love you, my dear.

  2. Jessie, I really love to read your writings. They just hook you in and leave you wanting more…! I can’t wait to read your first book! How’d the first day go? You seemed a little blahsay on facebook about it. This school year may not seem too inviting but it will be another piece of the tapestry woven into your life. Chin up, Mr. School Year is part of YOUR life. Another chapter so to speak in the wonderful saga of Jessie…..Love, Hugs and Kisses! MeMaw

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