“So long, farewell auf weidersehen good-bye”

“So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye I hate to go and leave summer behind!”Today is my last day of summer break before school starts and I must say that this summer has been one of my favorites.  Even though I spent a lot of time at home hanging around with Jessie and Maddie, it was very relaxing and fun! At the beginning of summer I did a lot of reading and in all I read seven books! Usually I’m not a very big reader so that was a pretty big achievement for me: )  Other than reading, though, I also enjoyed going to the pool, bike riding, and staying up late to watch movies: ) Finally last week one of our friends, Christine Orsini, came to visit and we had so much fun together! We got to show her all around Tianjin, such as our favorite restaurants, shopping malls and other places.  These few months have been  a lot of fun and a good break but I’m also excited to start school again!


2 thoughts on ““So long, farewell auf weidersehen good-bye”

  1. Great photos, Rachel. I’m so happy that you are pleased with your first summer in Tianjin. I’m so proud of you for developing a love of reading and for your growth in the Lord this summer. I love you!!

  2. Not sure where to leave a comment on your blog. But I hear that SOMEONE…is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Queen there, and her name starts with an "R"! He,he!

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