Kids bike to school today

We had a little break in our hot, humid weather and the kids decided to bike today to school.  They have made this ride many times over the summer, but this is the first time to go for school.  Here’s some photos I took out of our 8th floor apartment window.

The girls are walking down into the basement bike garage


Jessie’s coming out


Maddie coming out…the guy in black pants white shirt is the guard.   He is really nice, but just don’t disturb him during the hours of 1 and 3 pm, that’s when he’ll be napping in a small room just inside the garage.


Michael and Rachel leaving through the courtyard


Jessie and Maddie follow close behind


2 thoughts on “Kids bike to school today

  1. Oh Susan…I just love seeing the pics of you and the children showing your life in Tianjin. It is also special to recognize some of the scenes from our time there last summer. Thank you for sharing with us!

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