No “Yellow” School Buses in China

Besides riding their bike, the kids also have the option of riding the bus every day to and from school.   They catch the bus at 7:30 am outside our apartment building gate.   The bus first goes to the ECC (Early Childhood Center) building to drop off pre-school kids.  Then it heads to the main campus to drop off the remaining students.  In the afternoons at 2:50 pm, a bus picks up all the ECC children and brings them to the main TIS campus.  The pre-schoolers are then taken off and brought to their respective buses.  All the Elementary and High School kids, which are dismissed at 3 pm then come out and board their buses, which drive  to various parts of the city.   The buses are named after fruits.  So we have the Pineapple line, Apple line, Orange, etc.  Now, these buses are not what we normally see in America for children’s school buses.  They are big charter buses.  I am amazed when I see the drivers maneuvering these huge vehicles into the small parking area on our campus.

Here, the ECC bus pulls into the TIS campus (Megan is in the front seat)


Megan watches out the window while the other kids are unloaded to their respective buses.

(Megan stays on this bus, since it is the one what will take all our kids home.


Megan and her friend, Lily


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  1. Mixed emotions for me but Megan seems to really enjoy it! Baby growing up! It’s a nice bus, probably fun way to end the day for her. Really good for the other kids(Headricks) to ride with her home too.

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