A Walk with Maddie and Megan

One day before school started, Maddie, Megan and I went out for an afternoon walk.   During the late afternoons (after the 1 – 3 pm rest time) street vendors come out to sell their evening wares.  Maddie loves this type of flatbread that is made right on the back of a vendor’s three-wheeled cart.


The guys rolls the dough and cooks it on a huge cast iron grill that has a coal-based fire underneath.   See below…the guy separating the dough and about to roll it.   Just above his rolling space you see a large circular grill.  This is placed on top of (what I would call a big 50 gallon drum that has been cut in half) with a fire underneath for cooking.  And see above that is the handlebars of his bike.  His entire cart is on a three-wheeled bicycle.


Next to the flatbread guys a lady is selling steamed soybeans and corn on the kob.    We like the soybeans which are seasoned with a star of anise seasoning, but not the corn…it’s not like the yummy sweet corn from back in South Dakota…more like feed corn…yuck!


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