Fall Camp

Every year in the fall our school has fall camp for the middle school and high school, which is a three day retreat to the outdoors.  Each group goes to a different camp.   Michael and I traveled with the high school to the Duck and Goose Ranch Camp : )  The theme for our fall camp this year was empires.  Two seniors are usually picked as leaders and then a team of about 10 other students of mixed grades are put together for each empire.My empire was Mongolia (I know random: )  My brother got lucky with Greece for his empire.  Anyway each empire or team has to prepare a poster, advertisement, skit, and song (with choreography) before leaving for the camp.  The hardest and most tiring part of fall camp is the preparation.  The weekend before camp I was gone almost all day Saturday and half the day Sunday working on costumes  and to practicing our song and skit. When we finally get to fall camp we compete in games such as sack races, tug-o-war,  go-cart races, pool games, etc. My team got third for the tug-o-war and in the swimming pool.   Throughout the three day camp I was extremely worn out and although I had a good time getting to know different people  I have to admit it was nice to get home.  Right before all of us loaded back into the buses to go home the teachers had an award ceremony for the students.  My team didn’t even place in the top six out of ten but we had fun so oh well : ) hehe!!


Beautiful scenery...it was so nice to get out of the city


In the school lobby getting ready to load the buses


Some of my Korean friends