Courtyard Fountain

In the courtyard outside our apartment building there is an interesting looking fountain with lots of potential.  The sound of water would make gathering in the courtyard much more relaxing.  Here’s a view of it from our 8th floor window…Wait!!  The fountain is on!!!  Amazing!!!


This fountain has only been turned on twice during our first year here.  We find it odd that one would not have the fountain going, at least through the spring and summer months; but, I have to remind myself that this is China, and they do things differently here.  What we’ve decided is that the management company only turns the fountain on during holidays, like a few hours in the afternoons this last week for the National Holiday, and on the evening of Chinese New Year last February.I had to grab the kids and run down to get a shot, quick before they turn it off again.


We are learning to appreciate simple things…