Henna Party

At my school I have an art class twice a week.  For one of our projects we had to create and apply a Henna design on our bodies.  For those of you who do not know much about Henna, like me before the project started, it is dried ground leaves mixed with lemon juice that creates a mud like substance.  When you apply this to your skin it will slowly dry then crack off, much like normal mud.  Henna stains your skin, but it only stays for about a week.  People in the Middle east use Henna a lot, most popularly on their wedding nights.  Any way, even before I used it i loved it!  I think Henna makes such a natural beautiful look on your skin!  I soon found out that I loved making Henna designs and that I enjoy applying the on the skin.  God has gifted me with the talent of making pretty good designs.  One of my friends went on a vacation to Singapore and bought my a few tubes of Henna so because I had the Henna and a few of the teachers had previously asked me about it, I decided to invited my History/Geography teacher and two other high school teachers over to do Henna with me.  I got to do the Henna on them all.  I think all of the designs turned out really great!


Rachle and My hands after I finished putting Henna on them.


Rachel and I.


Miss Neumann, my teacher, and I doing Henna.


Another of my Henna jobs.