Art Field Trip

At the beginning of my drawing semester, the high school art department went on a field trip to a group of art gallerias in Beijing.  A bunch of my close friends are also interested in art, so we were able to go together.  After our two hour drive to Beijing we arrived at the art center.  All of the different galleries were very interesting and I enjoyed myself immensely! Before our return to Tianjin we all went out to eat at a little cafe in the area, I shared a hamburger and an iced coffee with my friend Valerie and although the hamburger wasn’t ideal the drink was delicious!  I personally love to see different people’s style of art, I think it is so cool how each one of my friends has a unique kind of art that they do. For example realistic, abstract, or surreal drawings.  I love the realization that God made us each unique and different in his/her own way, that he created us with so much care to give us each different characteristics and qualities!One of my favorite exhibits was an exhibit that contained flags with children faces painted on them.  The flags were gray and the painted faces were done in black and white. All of the flags were placed in two lines of about twelve I think.  At one time in the day fans were turned on so that the flags would span out and flutter in the wind.  It was very interesting to see because when you walked into the large room it seemed to be only you and the faces on the flags, the fans made such a loud sound that all other noises was completely drained out.  I really enjoyed the exhibit and the creativi




y in it!


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  1. Looked like the flags were made out of silk. We’ve had silk flags in praise and worship before, they are absolutely alive!

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