Morning Traffic

This morning at 7:28 am, as the kids were rushing to get out the door to catch their 7:30 bus, with backpacks, lunches, soccer stuff, etc., I look out the window to see if the bus was still there.    Not to my surprise, the bus hadn’t even made the turn on to our street.  It was stuck in traffic at the turn.  In China all drivers “go with the flow”, so if a driver happens to stop to make a turn, the cars begin piling up all around, in all directions.  I noticed a new bus driver yesterday on our school bus, and I suppose this driver is not as experienced.  So here’s the bus, trying to make the turn.


Finally the turn is made (with the help of 6 ft 4in tall, Mr. Winningham, directing traffic)


But look at the traffic, the street is now, clogged


Behind the red and blue bus is the pre-school bus, the Grey one you see here.  He has just as hard a time making the turn now, because the one ahead of him caused all this back up.


The kids finally board the bus around 7:45 (the bus is supposed to leave our stop sharply at 7:30).  In China sometimes drivers must be aggressively, patient!

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  1. Great pictures! WOW!! I can see why so many people there ride scooters and bikes!! What a mess!

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