Eye Exams in China

Today I had my first experience with eye exams in China.  Maddie has been complaining of having headaches and this week when I was helping her with math homework she misread the coordinate pair (-1, 1) as -11.  So off we went to the E-Mart shopping center where my friend told there was an eyeglass store.We arrived and they took her to the eye examination room.  The lady had Maddie look through a machine, then a print-out was generated.  Next, she had her look at some figures on the wall, at differing sizes.   After a little more analysis, changing out some lenses, and having Maddie look through them, it was determined that Maddie needed glasses for seeing distance.  The lady handed her a set of glasses with the corresponding lens types to determine if she could see better looking through them.Here’s what she was given


Then, we were directed to an area in the store with eye glass frames for younger people.  There was an array of styles and designs…all priced at 260 rmb.  (Appr. $38)  This included the frames and lenses.  By the way, the eye exam was free and it only took them half an hour to have her new frames fitted with the correct lenses!Here’s Maddie’s new look.  What do you think?


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  1. WOW–she’s looks great (I definitely prefer the 2nd look :). I think I’ll come over and have my eye exams as well as glasses done there!!!

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