Basketball Tournament

On Thursday I walked out of our house with a suitcase and carry-on.  I had to go through two classes until my friends and I loaded on to the bus for the airport!  It was sort of a surprise on my part mostly because I am definitely not a “sporty” girl.  Actually this would the first sport I have participated in more than two years!  Even when I plan to sign up for a sport it never really materializes!  I just am not too motivated to have physical challenges.  Oddly enough, I ended up signing up for basketball, one of the most physically demanding sports our school offers, and I must admit it was some what on a whim!  I asked my self several times while I was doing extra work to make up for the days I would be gone at the city of Wu Han for the tournament.  I know you are probably wondering “Why is she going to a tournament at the beginning of the season?”, it’s because the way our seasons of sports line up with the other schools unfortunately we have the tournament at the beginning of our season.  We only got one practice before we left for Wu Han.  On the plane I wondered to myself… “Self, why are you on your way to a tournament of a sport you have no passion for or even know the rules for?”  “Well, I don’t know, Self.  The hand over there signed us up!”  “It’s not my fault!  The brain told me to sign up!”, and so on and so forth.  The true revelation I experience in Wu Han on that Basketball court is… I LOVE BASKETBALL! Haha, it’s funny how I went from hardly knowing about the sport to having a blast playing it!   Our team won 2 out of the 6 games we played, and even though that would be 33% on a test, I had lots of fun!!!


Team Picture! (My teamates aren't very enthusiastic smilers!)


My teamates and I are cheering!

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  1. Jessie,I LOVE your STYLE(in writing)!!! One day I’m reading a movie review and the next a synopsis(sp?) of Basketball! I LOVE IT!! Can’t wait to see what’s next…! By the way, how are things progressing with the bible study?

  2. Wonder if you could start writing an article or working on a school newspaper, that would be so cool. You know, like "Dear Jessie" or "Jessie’s Perspective" or "Jessie’s Corner"…(you could probably think of something cooler). Keep writing!

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