The People in China

The people in China are  very different from what I  imagined them to be. First off they are very nice.  I think that you would also be surprised at how they are towards foreigners and normal Chinese people. Second they are very different in their culture. They do things I would never think a normal people would do  (mostly men). One thing the men do is (in the middle of any season or weather), they sit out and play Chinese chess (or watch in a big group), also in the summer they always walk around with their shirt rolled way up to their chest, and the last thing they do is spit. They don’t care what people think they just spit. I see it at LEAST once a day.  Although the Chinese people are very different from American culture they are sweet to everyone they see.


The girls and me at our favorite Bubble Tea Shop.


Our for a walk last summer


Kids playing with the new water pipes that were being installed last summer.