Afternoon Walk – First Day of Spring

We were all happy to have Sean back from his trip, and also especially happy to see the sunshine, and a tad bit warmer temperatures.  We took a walk to easiest choice for a meal for lunch—Mc Donald’s.   Although it’s not our favorite, it’s nice to have the choice of familiar french fries.  The girls took Megan out ahead of Sean and me.  We found them in the courtyard playing tag.


On our walk we found many of our Chinese neighbors out enjoying the day.  Along the way we saw an interesting sight…split pants hanging on a clothesline.  Here in China, the babies are very overdressed in winter, sometimes with two and three layers of clothes.  But the funny thing is that, for toddlers down to infants, all the pants have a split in the crotch of the pants.  This is for easy “potty” times.  Chinese babies are toilet (or ground) trained at the very young age of 2 or 3 months.  Very few people use diapers for babies.


The girls enjoy their walk with daddy.


Chicken strips are on sale, down from 7 rmb to 5 rmb.


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  1. I knew about the multiple layers of clothes for small ones, but not of the split pants! How funny!! I guess they save a bundle on diapers, huh, and time in changing them.

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