Service Day

Today was the Middle School’s Service Day.  Split into 5 groups, each one went to a different place to give service.  My group went to an Autistic Preschool.  When we arrived we were divided into 2 groups there; my group went to the Preschool’s exercise room.  In the room they had balls, a small plastic slide, and a few other toys to play on.  First off the kids had their singing and dancing time.  They danced to three songs for us; they looked so cute!  Then we played balls with them.  Later another class of kids came and did the same thing with us, sing and play, mostly with the balls.   Then we went to another of the rooms to draw pictures with them.  I helped one little boy, his name was Wang Qing Chong.  I drew the outlines of animals and foods and he colored them.  At first he seemed really shy, but at the end he was showing me that you can’t color a dog orange, it has to be brown.  I had a good time and was glad to have the opportunity to share God’s love with these children!

Sing and dance time for the children.


Somebody doesn’t have time for pictures!




This is a picture of our group and the children we did activities with!