Basketball Tournament

This Saturday at 7:30 I had to be at the school to catch the basketball bus to Beijing.  Our team was heading to Beijing to compete in a basketball tournament against 3 different schools. The bus there was fine, but a little long.  Once we got there we warmed up and then watched the other two schools play a game.  This was my second game I have had since basketball season began, so I was pretty excited.  Unfortunately we lost, but I would give us some credit (I mean those girls DID NOT look like Middle Schoolers).  Our first and second games were back to back.  Maybe that’s why we lost our second game as well.  We had sub sandwiches for lunch; they tasted so good after two games in a row!  I had to finish up quickly before our third game.  At the beginning of our first game we were doing very well and winning, until the team realized they were losing and switched in their “A” team.  Unfortunately I had to play them.  There was one girl on the “A” team that we dubbed “Chopsticks” because her legs were SO skinny, skinnier than you can imagine, and additionally her outfit number was 11, hence the name “Chopsticks”.  Well Chopsticks happened to be the best player on there team and stole the ball from me at least three times!  Thanks the Chopsticks and her team we lost the third game as well.  At least I can truthfully say that we learned a lot!