Language Learning Update

For this weekend my Chinese teacher assigned us the project of writing our entire weekly schedule in Mandarin characters.  When I look at the schedule I made,  I realize that I can actually read, from memory, almost every character I wrote.  I made a weekly schedule including all my classes, then below it there is a paragraph describing my favorite and least favorite classes.


It’s hard for me to believe I have lived here in China for almost 2 years and looking back I feel I’ve come a long way in my language learning, thanks to Wen Lao Shi (Mrs. Wen), my Chinese teacher!


Lip Sync Party

Last Friday the middle school had a sleepover party! It is called the lip sync party cause some people lip synced songs and won prizes! Me and Jessie did What Is This Feeling! We got in 3rd place! We also played games like Cops and Robbers, where some people who are cops chase the robbers! It was a very fun game! I enjoyed the party very much!

Sean’s Birthday

Sean left for a trip to the United States on his birthday.   He attended an advanced training class for PowerSchool; and got to spend his birthday with his parents, who decided to fly down to San Antonio to see him.   Michael and Rachel were so sweet to be sure to make Sean’s evening special.    Friday before he left they secretly slipped away and went to Paris Baguette to get him a cake.


Maddie and Jessie, unfortunately missed the “party” since they were at the Middle School Lip-Sync Party.  They performed a duet to the song, “What is this Feeling?” from the musical Wicked.  Megan was so excited to help daddy blow out his candles.


When Sean returned the following weekend, I ordered a lemon cheesecake from a new bakery/restaurant just opening in our area called Aaron’s Kitchen.  Unfortunately, the cheesecake never was delivered on the evening I ordered it to be delivered.  When I called to inquire about it the next day,  Aaron told me that one of his staff persons sold the cake to another customer!  Apparently the cake was on display in the front refrigerator case.  The Chinese worker told Aaron  (the owner of the restaurant) that a foreigner came in and said they were here to pick up the cheesecake they ordered.  The case of the Missing Cheesecake was solved.   The girls were terribly disappointed.  But Sean wasn’t since I had meant it to be a surprise.

Leaving Well Seminar

Our organization cares for people so very well.   A one-day seminar, called “Leaving Well,” is offered to those staff who are returning to their home country at the end of each school year.  A speaker guides the group through the process of reflecting on their time in China, while also preparing them for re-entry into their native culture.


Families work together to create a poster of memories and future


I joined my friend Tami in helping behind the scenes to bring a special “homey” feel to the day.  We arranged the room for cozy seating and ordered flowers, snacks and meals.


Part of the day included a nice catered luncheon, and a time for toasting (sparkling punch) and affirming others.  We set tables of six, with full place settings, including water and wine goblets.  One interesting tidbit, our school has a fully equipped kitchen, for school kids, but limited resources for setting a nice table.  We made due with what we had on hand.  I brought in some decorative napkins and table favors, and we used orange, yellow and red tulips.  This is the first time that I’ve been able to enjoy setting vases with tulips (my favorite flower).  Tulips are not readily available, but we found one of our Chinese staff ladies, who knew where to find them.  I wanted a spring time theme for the luncheon.   Although I don’t really pride myself in having the gift of decor, I do enjoy setting a lovely table, and I think all who were in attendance felt very special.


Toasting memories of China


Two more friends helping to serve lunch

At the end of the day, we served a dessert and fruit snack.   All participants were so kind to us all, in thankfulness for our service to them.  We will miss them terribly, but trust that they are following in His direction for the next chapter in their lives.


Megan’s class project

Megan’s class is learning about recycling.  We were asked to donate any type of recyclable items, such as plastic bottles, kleenex boxes, tp rolls, etc.  Megan proudly brought a large bag full of items to donate.  The following week they transformed their “junk” into fun sculptures, pretend animals, etc.  Megan came home with a dog named “Cricket”.   Although we’ve been away from our beloved little dog, Cricket for almost 2 years now, Megan still remembers him fondly.