Cafe YUM

Finally, after several weeks we have Spring Break off of school!  On Tuesday we took a little vacation to Qing Dao, China, a city next to the beach.  The hotel we stayed at was nice and I definitely enjoyed the three day get-away.  At the hotel their breakfast area was named Cafe Yum.  It was appropriately named pertaining to the food selection.  They had a small variety of pastries, bread and cheese, cereal, Japaneses, Chinese, and Korean breakfast selections, as well as the given egg stations etc.  The presentation of the food was also very interesting.  The food was not the only exception aspect of Cafe Yum; the decoration and over all ambiance was excellent!  Several of the dividing walls were decorated with a certain object.  For example one of the walls (if you call it a wall) that separated two dining areas was simply shelves of water bottles without their tags.  In the main entrance area the whole wall was covered in green and blue glass bottles attached to the walls.  I was extremely impressed with Cafe Yum and enjoyed eating there.  I look forward to the next time I will have the chance to visit the hotel again 🙂 .




Here is a picture of the yogurt “station”



Here is a picture of the wall of the main entrance that I mentioned earlier


Megan is standing next to the wall of water bottles


Eating breakfast with Amelia and Josie! (There family also came to Qing Dao on vacation!)