Miracle Dress


It’s spring! And as the season of flowers, sun dresses, and cute Easter bunnies roles around so does spring banquet or prom. It seemed like most everyone had dresses ready for the banquet except for me.  I had absolutely nothing to wear (unless you consider blue jeans appropriate), until our trip to Qing Dao.  On our second day at the hotel Mom insisted that we at least try to find some place that sold dresses. So there we were Michael, Jessie, her friend Amelia, Mom, and I walking out of the hotel squishing into a taxi and taking off into an unknown city to find a dress.  Upon arrival, I have to admit I wasn’t a happy camper, or in this case shopper.  We came to a very Chinese, packed, overwhelming shopping center that sold bags, belts, shoes, and cute fluffy stuffed animals, but no dresses. After walking in and out of many different stores I thought for sure that we would never find anything until… we were walking around in a rundown mall where every other store was closed or vacant, but as we rounded the corner, there stood two to three manikins wearing some hideous party dresses (but dresses all the same). We entered the store, where I’m afraid to say we scared off a couple of love birds (probably looking for a wedding dress ), and there in front of us was a room full of wedding dresses, brides maid dresses, and last but definitely not least prom dresses! So it went, up went the zipper, down went the zipper as we tried on dress after dress (Jessie and Amelia for fun:). We tried on ugly ones filled to the brim with ruffles and bows, wedding ones (a little too old for us, I think), short ones, long ones, poofy ones, and some down right creepy ones.  P.S. never judge a dress before you try it on, some of the dresses that I thought to be nothing less than horrifying weren’t actually that bad once I was in them.  I’m afraid Michael was a little bored at the end, but finally I picked four that I really liked.  I’m usually very indecisive, however God blessed us by making the decision fairly easy. Two were extremely expensive, one was far too cheap, and one was just right… why does this remind me of porridge? All in all the Lord lead us to this random but wonderful dress shop in the middle of no where, and He blessed us with a very fun day! The banquet is in three days and with Michael taking me, we’ll be the cutest couple there!




Jessie and Amelia are preparing to walk down the isle 😉


The dress in the middle is the one I chose 🙂


Corset on the top, checkered print, and frills on the bottom… what was she thinking?


The entire time Amelia and Jessie tried on dresses that matched, no matter how ugly 🙂


Amelia wearing a gorgeous dress, Jessie wearing a hideous one 🙂



Beauty and the Beast 🙂



Wedding Gone Wrong!



“Here comes the bride, all dressed in white”


Um… Mom, I’m obviously in the middle of a conversation.



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  1. What an absolute delight it is to scroll through these pictures and journey with you in the dress shop! Beautiful, beautiful young ladies and the wedding dress pictures brought tears to my eyes! I LOVE the dress you chose Rachel! Love to you precious Headrick ladies!

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