Evening walk to buy street food

 Mom and  I were out for a walk and decided to pick up street food for dinner. There are local vendors just outside our apartment gate that come each evening, set up their food stand, and sell their items. Some sell bing (a local flat bread, sort of like a fat, thick, flour tortilla). Others sell yang ruo chaur (grilled lamb or chicken on a kabob) along with other vegetable kabobs. We like the cabbage, zucchini, eggplant and mushroom kabobs.


To order your food you walk up to the counter, which is a table attached to a three-wheeled bike. The seller hands you a tin platter, lined with a plastic bag so the platter doesn’t get dirty. Next, you pick the kabobs you want and place them on the platter.


] Then hand your platter to the seller. He places the kabobs on a small grill shaped in a trough, which is burning charcoal. He grills the food, basting it with a cumin-based sauce.

Seller grilling yang rou


When the kabobs are ready, he places them in a clear plastic bag, and hands them to you. Some choose to eat right near the food stand, sitting on stools very low to the ground. We just prefer to take ours home and eat with rice.

The red arrow points to the Food Seller’s bike stand


[/caption] Right beside the food seller is a fruit vendor.  While we were waiting for our food to cook, his little girls woke up from her nap (she was sleeping in the front seat of his truck).  She was so cute, waking up and looking at us.  We watched her get out of the truck and snuggle up in her dad’s lap (she was probably about the same age as Megan).

Fruit seller and his daughter