America…… Where can I begin? Wow America is so different from China. I was just thinking about everything I used to take for granted! I have been having so much fun visiting and catching up with all of my dear friends and family. I have enjoyed every bit of  visiting America! I hope that I will have as much fun as I am having now throughout the trip. I think it will be really hard to leave, but I’m sure when I get back to China I will still love all of it’s many blessings

I can’t believe how much I missed cereal!


my good friend Lulu


our long time friend the Mrs. Orsini


We got to tour the Capital with Whitney Stockett.


During a dessert party Megan found a new friend Mrs. Joyce.


Neighborhood Friend

Last week, after a dinner out at our favorite fast food Korean called Tudari, we were walking back home.  Suddenly we looked ahead to see this adorable little boy with arms opened wide towards Megan.  He was probably about a year and a half old.  He walked right up to Megan and gave her a big hug.  And she returned one back.  The picture certainly doesn’t do him justice, he was so adorable.


Proud Mom

Yesterday morning in the Secondary Award Ceremony all four of my big kids were honored.  Michael and Jessie won school-wide awards (Jessie’s for being a societal influencer and Michael for having the highest GPA of any student for this academic school year).  Michael’s award included a monetary gift as well!Rachel won awards in Art, Chinese, Drama and Bible.  Maddie received an award for diligence in Chinese language study.


Megans Little Friend

One night when mom and dad had a meeting I needed to babysit Megan, our friends needed a babysitter too so we had Megan’s friend over. Megan’s friend, Grace picked the movie “Tinker Bell” to watch. After we watched I decided to get out the dress-up stuff(since Megan has two matching fairies outfits). They both had fun pretending to make winter into spring and jumping around the house. I also had fun taking pictures and watching them have fun together.


“During the movie they decided to have a snack break and eat brownies!


They also did a puzzle together.



Doze Off My Dear Baby

Recently Megan has decided to take unexpected naps whenever she feels like it! A few days ago when I was playing Wii she wanted to snuggle up and watch me play. I went out of the room to take a break, then I forgot she was in there. I came back about 30 minutes later and she was fast asleep.  She always makes me laugh when she falls asleep so quickly without anyone noticing!