A Visit to Beijing Part 2:

Beijing. Sunday afternoon. Sanlitun shopping center. Can you imagine, the camera zooming in on a certain girl who is about my height, with long brown hair, looking pretty much exactly like me jumping up and down next to her brother, giddy with excitement. Well, that was me when we arrived at this shopping center. What, was I so excited for? Well, this shopping center was an extremely nice place, with Starbucks, a Nike shoe store, American Apparel (Hint: an American clothes store), and many other Western shopping places. It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining brightly and a cool wind blowing… I was one excited girl. Michael and I shopped around for a while, sat at Starbucks for a while, and talked for a while. That might sound extremely boring to you, but you don’t know what went on behind the scenes. Behind the scenes funny fact #1: While we sat at Starbucks, no one would ever know that what we couldn’t stop giggling about was Michael’s continuous attempts and failures of drawing me! Lets just say that he couldn’t get the drawing to stop looking like Medusa! Behind the scenes funny fact #2: Little did anyone know that the girl who wasn’t patient enough to stand in line in order to try on a jumpsuit at Uniclo walked behind an isle and started pulling the thing over her jeans and sweatshirt… actually, come to think of it, more people probably saw me than I had hoped, my awkward little performance was a bit too obvious I’m afraid. By the way, if you are wondering why in the world I would want to try on a jump suit anyway, they’re coming back in! Behind the scenes funny fact #3: Yeah, those kids sitting on the curb looking like proper hobos, that was us. We were waiting for our shuttle bus, arriving a bit too early to catch it, and all there was to do was sit there and pretend like we knew where we were sleeping that night 🙂 Sadly, this is the end of “behind the scenes funny facts of the day”, in conclusion, Sanlitun was quite awesome, I had a very nice time hanging out with Michael.

For lunch we went to Starbucks and I purchased a deliscious Chicken salad :)”]


After shopping, Michael and I went to a cupcake cafe where we enjoyed a carrot & zucchini cupcake!



Our cupcake!





Doesn’t that look yummy!


These are the lemon cupcakes that the bakers were making when we came in.