Michael, Rachel Serving at VIDA — Jessie an Amigo

5am — still dark, chilly, and foggy — Susan and I climbed onto the bus for the 45 min ride out to a two-star airport hotel where so many young people gathered for a weekend different from all others. No textbooks, no laptops, no clocks, no cell phones, no studying; with every distraction aside the focus is on spiritual things alone. Parents and friends were allowed just 15 minutes on this Sunday morning to greet, give a flower, a hug to encourage them on.

Michael and Rachel are student leaders and Jessie is participating the first time as an “Amigo”. I can’t easily express my feelings catching glimpses of them serving and ministering; all grown up!


Vida is a youth weekend that aims to concentrate closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ — providing to those who attend, opportunities to cultivate a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ as they share His love in a dynamic way.

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