God Answers Prayers

Yesterday I went out shopping with mom and Rachel. On our way back home in a taxi mom stopped to put money on
her phone. Rachel were sitting in the taxi talking to the driver while I was playing on my ipod. I returned home watched a movie and was about to go to bed when I needed my ipod. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find it so I prayed about it and went to bed. The next morning I got dressed and searched again but found nothing. I was thinking that I had left it in the taxi and there was no way to get it back. Me and my family prayed again about it and then went to church. When I got home I searched once more just in case I might have forgotten to look somewhere. I looked all over the house and then finally looked under a couch cushion, there it was! lying under the cushion was my ipod. What an amazing God! In conclusion to this whole experience I learned a couple of lessons, firstly that I need to be more responsible with my belongings and secondly that God does answer prayers, not always in ways we like it but I know that God has plans and reasons for his answers and we shouldn’t justify them.